Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody, Click Here for an article about the Many Faces of Jason. Jason, from the 7th installment is my personal favorite (pictured).
I loved "Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood" because is was like a cross between "Carrie" and "Friday the 13th part IV".


Looking for some Scary Movies

Alright, here is a list of my top 10 personal favorite scary movies (Plus a few more).

10. 28 Days Later(2002)
9. Wicker Man (1973)
8. The Changling (1980)
7. Rosemary's Baby (1968)
6. Amityville Horror (1978)
5. Halloween (1978)
4. Evil Dead (1981)
3. 30 Days of Night (2007)
2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

1. The Thing (1982)

Honorable mention:
Saw (2004)
Scream (1997)
From Dusk til Dawn (1996)
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Day of the Dead (1985)
Misery (1990)
Zombi 2 (1979)

Guitar of the Week: 1965 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman

1965 was an interesting year...

Popular movies: "Help!", "Othello", "Dr. Zhivago", "The Sound of Music"

Popular songs: "A Hard Day's Night", "Downtown", "Satisfaction", and "King of the Road"

Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup.

I was born, and so was this week's Guitar of the Week...

"1965 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman $4500".
Supertron pickup in neck position and a filtertron in bridge. Another cool thing about this axe are the Grover Imperial tuning machines with extra large elephant ear buttons. Gold hardware and original hard shell case make this a great price for such a piece of guitar history.

The Great Porter Wagoner - Dead at 80

I literally grew up watching and listening to Mr. Wagoner.
When I heard Porter Wagoner Died over the weekend I felt very sad.

Nobody rocked the "Bedazzled Suit" like Porter.

toothpaste for dinner drawing archive: oct 2007

toothpaste for dinner

3 Days Away!!!

My daughter and I worked very hard on this Jack-o-lanter, I thought I would share.

Ooooooo scary....


Halloween is 6 days away! here are some great costume ideas
Part I Scary Costumes

First up we have one of the spookiest ideas yet, Michelle Malkin. Watch as children run for their lives when you sport this horrific mask. Remember, you have to sell this costume, so brush up on your smarmy / know-it-all / I wish I was Ann Coulter attitude. (the last one will be the hardest).
If you are going out as a couple, one of you could go as Geraldo Rivera, but remember whoever dresses like Mr. Rivera has to continually spit on Malkin.

Anna: the Drug addled clown. Yeah... I think it's been long enough. This costume comes with the rubber mask (pictured above), blond wig, heroin and approximately 600 oxycodone. Total cost of costume - $3,500.00.

If you are going out as a couple (or to be more realistic - threesome), may I suggest one of you going as a "dignity" - and (if there is 3 of you) one of you go as "sobriety". When you arrive at the party, Dignity and Sobriety should elude Anna.

POPE on Fire - this by far is the most dangerous, scary as well as expensive costume in the list.

This is what you need:
1. Solid Gold Thrown
2. Sold Gold Trimmed mu mu with Jaunty / Catholic sash (trimmed in solid gold of course)
3. Solid Gold Trimmed beany hat (gold trimmed Yarmulke will work as well).
4. Haunch.
5. Cane
6. 5 gallons of gasoline.
7. Matches.

Underwear not required (if you want to be authentic) as Priests just see undergarments as "mood killers" for those who are counseling young lads. Which brings me to the "if you are going as a couple" portion of this costume...
If you are going out as a couple, a good second costume would be: Alter boy, Young boy demon, or Solid Gold Nun.
This is sure to be crowd pleaser, so be sure to bring lots of smores.


Oral Roberts Says Devil Won't Steal ORU

Oral Roberts said, "Devil Won't Steal ORU". I'm just curious what $20k trips to the Bahamas, expensive cars, and remodeled homes have to do with the devil. I mean, if you can afford to send your daughter on a trip of a lifetime to the Bahamas, and get your home remodeled... Unless you are having the College pay for it... Then Old Man Roberts is right, YOU MUST BE A DEVIL! Oh wait, is he talking about the group of professors who released the actual report about financial dishonesty? Are THEY the "Devils" Oral is talking about? I'm confused.

Why can't Richard Roberts earn his money the old fashioned way? Have God hold him ransom in the Prayer Tower until he raises $7 Million.

In a related story, Proof there is a God - CBS announced yesterday they are pulling the plug on Viva Laughlin.

Hugh Jackman + a television musical about Laughlin, Nevada = bad ratings.

But look on the bright side, There IS a God! AND HE'S COMING TO GET YOU RICHARD ROBERTS!

"That stuff (television musicals) may fly in New York City, but musicals don't work in God's country! Now where is Richard Roberts! I am going to kick his ass!"
- God


is a site forwarded to me by a strange friend. I started to view some of the art work and well... I had to Share.

I'm not sure what is more entertaining - the pictures or the comments.
Like this comment from Lwaxana:

Lwaxana | Oct 16, 2007 at 2:59 pm

I certainly have to try that line out sometime.


This comic hits home...


Calling all lefties! Next time you are in Houston check out South Paw Guitars
The Leftorium for Cool Kids

When looking for a left handed model of last week's GOTW I stumbled onto This Site. If you are left handed and you play guitar you most likely know about this site. SouthPawGuitars have been in business for 26 years. The site needs a little work, but I bet the store is pretty cool.

Wild Beat Colorado 3-2

Pictured above: Formerly with L.A. (Kings), Carolina, Nashville (for one day), and Atlanta. Number 25, Eric Belanger has found his home here in the State of Hockey (a.k.a. land of 10,000 rinks). Even though he did not score last night - he is fast becoming one of my new favorites on the team. On the Same line as Brian Rolston, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard (this line has scored over 17 points in 6 games).

Great Game last night, here's the Game Summary for all you Hockey nerds...


Just in time for Christmas
The Hello Kitty assault rifle

GlamGuns.com! Your one stop shop for Glamorous Weaponry for girls, is announcing the release of their new, Hello Kitty Signature AK-47 (pictured). For around $1,000.00 your daughter will be the envy of the neighborhood. This weapon comes with an extra 50 round clip with the Hello Kitty picture displayed on the bottom. This is a limited run of only 500, so don't have your daughter upset because all her friends have one of these and all she has is last year's, Backyardigans Tec-9 Machine Gun Pistol.

My 4 year old is going to love it! She can hang it on the wall right next to her Hello Kitty Guitar.

Ladies and Gentlemen: your Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks of the 21st century...


If you haven't figured it out, these guys are two of the "Jena 6" (I guess the J6 have their own gang sign now).

Pervis and Jones were invited to be presenters at the 2nd annual BET Hip Hop Awards, the picture above shows the "Jena 2" at the red carpet of the said event.

What next, are the inbred mutant hillbillies (who hung the nooses on the tree) going to present a CMT award to Toby Keith!?!?

Look, hanging nooses from trees is one of the most "asinine " moves anyone can make. 6 people beating 1 person because the color of their skin is just as unintelligent.

They (the J6) shouldn't have been charged with attempted murder - but in the same breath THEY BEAT ANOTHER PERSON BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN... 6 AGAINST 1! WILL IT OFFEND ANYONE IF WE CHARGE THEM WITH ASSAULT?! We better run that one by Al Sharpton first.

The idiot or idiots responsible for the nooses should be charged with something too. Apparently, it is perfectly ok for minors to hang nooses, as there are no laws on the books which say otherwise in Jena, LA.

Two wrongs don't make a right meaning - don't fight hate crimes with other hate crimes. BTW I HATE the term HATE crime, when was the last time you heard of 6 people beating 1 person out of LOVE?

I guess what disturbed me the most about this whole BET thing was the way these two young men were given a "Hero's Welcome" a standing ovation, many in the crowd where throwing the J6 hand sign. These are modern day civil rights heroes? Fuck that!

NEW RULE!!! If you commit a crime against another person because the color of their skin - YOU DON'T GET TO PRESENT AWARDS OR WALK ANY RED CARPET EVENTS! IN FACT YOU HAVE MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE LINE AND GIVE THE REST OF US (who don't hang nooses or beat up people: 6 vs. 1) AN OPPORTUNITY TO PRESENT AWARDS AND WALK RED CARPETS! Shame on you BET (Note: I don't watch that channel, as I am not a big gambler... get it? BET - Gambler? yeah yeah stupid joke).

UPDATE: TA provided this great link from the Mike Doughty Blog regarding the Jena 6 from the perspective of someone who is actually from Jena, LA.


Autism News: Autistic Hiker Found Alive in West Virginia!

As a parent of boy with Autism I was very happy when I read This Story.

Having a child who is lost is frustrating and heart wrenching for anyone, but when you have a kid who doesn't respond to their own name you can imagine how crazy these parents must of felt. Add to the mix a fear of crowds, hyper sensitivity, and not having the ability (or social skills) to do something as simple as call for help.

Every time my wife and I saw this on the news or talked about it we had a very hard time holding back the tears. This is one of our biggest fears.

"The family is all together," search group spokesman Chris Stadelman said. "As soon as they heard the report he was alive and doing fairly well, they gathered in a prayer circle."
This story ended great, most of the time it doesn't.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Allen family, you will be hard pressed to find a happier, more thankful group of people tonight.

Pelosi backtracks on Armenia ‘genocide’ bill

Nancy Pelosi decided to back off the Armenian Genocide Bill, and decided to move forward with her "Nordic Vikings were sexist Bill" as well has her, "human rights violations from the last year of the Ming Dynasty through the Opium Wars bill".

That is just the kind of "can-do" politics I can get behind.


Guitar of the Week: 2007 Gretch 6118T-LTV $1899
this is my idea of going green

2007 Gretch 6118T-LTV $1899
Three reasons this is the GOTW:
1. Dig the green pick-guard, it matches the two tone paint job.
2. Dig the "TV Jones" Classic pick-ups and the 3 way selectors
3. It's a Gretch.

Above is a picture of the same guitar in the left handed flavor...

Just for you TA


Minnesota Wild - Undefeated

After Saturday nights win against the Ducks, Minnesota is the ONLY Undefeated team in the NHL.

I know this won't last forever, but for now October 15th - we are 5-0.


RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows

I have listened to the new Radiohead CD 4 times in the last 30 hours or so and I love it.

Being a long time Radiohead fan I knew I would like it. I was not happy with "Hail to the Thief" - "in Rainbows" is more reminiscent of "Kid A" or "OK Computer".

Here's my critic quote,

"Great Driving CD - I don't mean the beats are hard driving beats, I mean this is a great CD to listen to while driving your car. I suppose it would be a great "riding in a cab, bus, or friend's car" CD, perhaps if you just walk everywhere, it would be good for that as well.
Thom York is whiny and bitchy as ever, and that's what I love about him."
-Hue, Sharpie Propagandist, MotherGoldstein
song list:

15 step - Drums and Vocals intro - Great opener.

BodySnatchers - So far one of my favorites.

Nude - beautiful orchestral intro to this song - flows into a sweet clean guitar, bass, keys and drums - Thom's voice is incredible. This song reminds me of the song "Exit Music (For a Film)" from OK Computer.

Arpeggi - The clean guitar parts are hypnotic - the song builds into a sweet frenzy.

All I Need - Ahhhhhh yeah. This is smooth.

Faust ARP - You gotta love a song where the first words are, "Wakey Wakey rise and shine". Great acoustic guitar and strings - muttering, confusing lyrics... I love every second of it.

Reckoner - cool bass intro - Thom at his best. This song is right out of the RadioHead Playbook. This is another one of my favorites.

house of cards - very cool guitar tone opens this song. Another smooooooth tune.

jigsaw falling into place - textbook Radiohead song - the acoustic guitar sounds great.

Videotape- Great tune, but at this point the least favorite track.

I have to give this CD a 9 out of 10 (what ever the hell that is supposed to mean), not just based on the CD itself, but also on the way it was marketed. People who don't like or even listen to Radiohead have heard about the creative way this CD was sold (or in some cases given away).

Fans should own the music, artists should own the copyrights and the record companies can see what it feels like to get the short end of the stick for a change.

Radiohead "In Rainbows" is worth the $9.99 I flopped down and I recommend this CD to ANY Radiohead fans out there.


Researcher: Humans will wed robots
Human male nerds will someday wed robots,
women will keep their robots in their top drawer

I wonder if the researcher who wrote about how Humans will wed robots, is also an on-line gamer? It would make perfect sense.

If the government allows humans to wed robots, we are going to have a lot pissed off gay people running around.

ROBOT WIFE: Honey does my ass sensor look calibrated in this dress?
NERD HUSBAND: Of course honey, your ass sensor looks as calibrated as the day I formated your hard drive!
ROBOT WIFE: Oh Honey, you are the greatest carbon life form.
NERD HUSBAND: Honey don't squeeze so hard or at least put a pillow on your robot boobs if you want to cuddle.
ROBOT WIFE: What the hell is that supposed to mean?! What is wrong with my Robot boobs? They are perfect!
(Robot wife storms out of the room and walks through the wall)
NERD HUSBAND: What's wrong honey
NERD HUSBAND: Are you mad?
ROBOT WIFE: Of course I'm not mad, I don't have emotions - I can't help it you hate my Robot Boobs!
NERD HUSBAND: I don't hate them, they are fine... how many guys can say their wife's boobs shoot lasers, have GPS, Red Bull dispensers and hold over 50gigs of music and videos! I love your Robot Boobs! Now come over here so I can give you a kiss and check my email.
ROBOT WIFE: I love you husband, lets go "plug and Play"...
NERD HUSBAND: Sure! but first let me download this episode of "Stargate SG-1".

RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows

I just got my copy of In Rainbows - and have been listening to it all day...

so far, ME LIKEY.


15 guitars all under $30,000

I love guitars, ever since I was a little ankle biter I HAVE LOVED GUITARS. My father was a professional musician, (played with Conway Twitty from the very beginning until his untimely death in 1976) we always had guitars laying around the house. I'm by no means a great guitar player - I don't exactly remember when I started playing - I always just remember being able to pick up an axe and start strumming at a very young age.

I'm what you call an enthusiast, I'm good enough to figure out songs, but not good enough to teach anyone how to play them (does that even make sense). I don't read music, I am not a shredder, and NOBODY gets chills down their back after I play a lead. I love to play and whoever sees or hears me play understands my love for guitars and music... that is good enough for me.

TA made an interesting comment on my last Guitar of the Week post -

"I have a dream to sell my car and use the entire proceeds to buy guitars. Think the wife will be open to the idea?"

That comment got me thinking, what would I buy if I had a lump sum to dump on ONLY GUITARS? So I have been compiling lists... these first lists are all "NEW guitars" separated by price.

Here we go: 5 guitars under $1,000.00, 5 guitars between $1,000 and $2,500, and 5 guitars $2,501 and up... I tossed in an acoustic in each list for good measure.
If I could afford all these guitars I would purchase ALL THESE GUITARS.

This list was so fun to compile...


Gretch Electromatic Hollow Body with Bigsby Tremelo

This Guitar comes in 5 colors, Silver Sparkle (pictured) is my favorite. True 50s feel and sound for less than 1k.

Gibson SG Classic with 3 Single Coil Pick ups

$949 - Sexy burst finish and the 3 single coil sound - for less than a Mexican Strat - you get a beautiful American made rock and roll warhammer!
note: this is the closest thing you will find to a Stratocaster - Remember, these are all new guitars, and in my opinion the best for the money (sorry, Fenders don't make that list these days).

Gibson Les Paul Menace

100% "In your face" Les Paul, no pick guard, but Gibson added many little aesthetic extras to make this a great use of $850. BTW that is a pearl inlay of a "fist" nestled in the 5th fret.

Gibson SG Classic with P90s

A few years back the good folks at Gibson released the Pete Townsend signature model, which was this guitar with prettier inlays, and a tremelo... For 3k less, I will take this one. The P90s make this Guitar - Total retro.

Martin Alternative X Electric Acoustic

$899 - Dig the aluminum top. Nothing like 99.9% of the stuff that comes out of Nazareth, PA. All I have to say is, Martin Guitar / Resonator, Less than 1K.

$1,000 to $2,500

Gibson Les Paul BFG

This Guitar has been blogged about, P90 / Zebra Humbucker with the unique wiring set up... Rock and roll beast!

Gibson Les Paul with 50s style neck

Semi hollow Les Paul, extremely lite weight is the first thing that comes to mind when strapping this thing on. Zebra Humbuckers rock the house. Not everyone like the 50s style neck, its a little thicker than what most people are used to.
Not exactly the canoe ore feel of the 70's telecaster, but similar.

Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr.

1 tone, 1 volume, 1 P90. Blues/Rock 101.

Gretch 120 Anniversary

If you do anything for a 120 years and you are still in the business, you must be doing something right. This guitar is an instant collector, truly 50s - Toaster top pick-ups and the Bigsby Tremelo. This is Guitar, quite simply is the grandson of the Guitars that created the Rock and Roll sound. Rock and Roll History - 101.

Gibson L-200 Emmlou Harris Electric Acoustic

Sounds as beautiful as it looks - and another Instant collector.

$2,500 and up

Gibson Custom Shop DG-335 Dave Grohl

I think this Guitar is really exciting. I have long been a big fan of the 335, this one has just been re-tooled. Slamming Humbuckers, retro (Fender-esqe) headstock, and custom inlays.
Grohl is a "tone chaser" and doesn't just stick with the Les Paul sound... this Guitar is like, "Lucille, 2007".

Gibson Custom Shop Johnny A

This Guitar is one the nicest things I have ever played

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Jr. John Lennon Instant Karma

$4,900 - Instant Collector, This guitar will double it's worth in 5 years.

Gibson 57 Custom Shop Les Paul Black Beauty

I'm not sure if this is one of those mid age crisis things but if it is, this is MY sports car at 41 years old. This Les Paul has everything I want PLUS 3 Humbuckers. In my humble opinion, this is THE quintessential Les Paul Guitar/Conversation Piece.

Gibson SJ-200 Electric Acoustic

$3,300 (note: you could go for the Townsend signature model for around $800 more, however ANY SJ-200 will hold it's value)

There you have it approximately $30,000.00 worth of Guitars you can find at your local guitar store.

I will be busy compiling a list of vintage guitars for part 2 of this post.


Let's Talk About Gear! My favorite pedal...
super fun portable good time rock and roll ROBOT JAMMING PEDAL!!!!!

A couple things have happened in the last week or so that have really changed things around here (in addition to the current NHL season starting).

First, due to time restraints and the need to make more money as well as spend more time with my kids and wife... I quit the band. Playing live was great, I loved it very much. Yoko was not involved and there are no hard feelings.

Second, I have discovered the COOLEST PEDAL EVER - The Boss RC-2 Loop Station.

Wow, what a great pedal - as I learn more about it, I am reminded of a recent Jackson post about Jamming.
The RC-2 is like having a little robot that jams with me when ever I want to. It plays the chord progressions exactly like you tell it to... The RC-2 (or as I like to call it the RC-D2 a.k.a. super fun portable good time rock and roll ROBOT JAMMING PEDAL!!!!!) has a 16 minute recording capacity and 11 channels for preset loops. Currently, all 11 of my channels are taken, but the GOOD TIME ROCK AND ROLL ROBOT set list changes every day

currently, the 11 channels go like this:

1. Blues in G
2. reggae progression
3. Shut your mouth and get your ass on the plane (a DBT song, basically a 1-4-5 blues progression)
4. Posetively 4th street
5. some riff in d
6. some Jazzy chord progression in g maj
7. Doctor Doctor Please (UFO)
8. rockin in the free world
9. goddamn lonely love (DBT song)
10. Avenues (old whiskey town song)
11. a g to a funky riff

Oh yeah, I forgot you can also loop stuff right from your iPOD onto this thing, That's what I did for "Doctor Doctor" and "shut your mouth".

Now whenever I get the urge to jam, I just plug into my robot and play with myself (great sentence).

Now I have only begun to scratch the surface of this thing - I am currently playing around with the drum tracks and what not, I'm sure I will be posting about this more in the future. Not sure how much I will use the drum tracks but it has a number of preset drum tracks playing numerous different styles.

Go get one of these things - definitely worth the money. Plug into your amp, or POD or whatever you play through and start jamming ANYTIME YOU WANT.

So much fun it should be illegal.


Guitar(s) of the Week: Remembering Leo

A majority of my Guitar of the Week" guitars have been Gibsons (V's, Les Pauls, SGs, and some acoustics).
Les Paul was only one of the fathers of Electric guitar - Leo Fender was another...

It's been 16 years since Leo Fender died, up until the time of his death he did what he loved. Built guitars and spent time with the loves of his life (strats and his wife Phyllis).

George Fullerton and Leo Fender (pictured) started G&L guitars back in 1980. Building guitars is an art and I'm proud to say the Art is still coming down the pipeline.

Here are my 3 Guitars of the Week All G&Ls... AND all under $2,500.00

ASAT Z-3 with 3 G&L Magnetic Field Design Z-coil pickups. Shown in Blue Metal Flake with matching headstock, 3-ply white pickguard and white covers. ***NOT AVAILABLE LEFTHANDED*** Sorry TA - but you CAN string it for a lefty (probably look even cooler upsidedown).

$1,500.00 - Play this and you may be cool enough to make it on Jackson's "coolest living Americans" list.

Next we have a twang-a-fide finger pickin beauty:

ASAT SEMI-HOLLOW WITH DUAL P90S - Maple neck with Polished Gloss finish over Hand-rubbed Gun-oil Tint (how cool does that sound - and look).
This model is available Left Handed.

Around $1,500.00 makes this a definite future collector piece.

Finally, how do you honor the woman you love? Easy build her a guitar and name it after her...

This beautiful guitar was made to honor Leo's main squeeze, The Phyllis Model: Blondie. Inspired by Leo's two loves, the original Fender Stratocaster and and his lovely bride, Phyliss Fender.
"As Honorary Chairperson of G&L, Phyllis Fender continues to be the company's spiritual and philosophical leader. Her mission is to ensure that G&L not lose sight of Leo's vision and passion for the instruments he loved and the musicians who play them. Phyllis reminds us that Leo thought of musicians as angels, and that the creation of instruments worthy of them is a noble deed."

Quantities are limited so go get your autographed copy of the Phyllis Fender G&L Blondie for - $2,250. Even Cooler when strung upside down for all you lefties, TA!

Wild Win opener! - 1-0 - - - Wild Win opener! - 1-0 - - - Wild Win opener! - 1-0 - - - Wild Win opener! - 1-0

Minnesota Wild won their opener last night against Chicago with a second period goal by Number 96, Pierre-Marc Bouchard. Assisted by Eric Belanger and Brian Rolston.



Ugly Betty named Hispanic Woman of the Year

Did ya hear about, America Ferrera being named, Hispanic Woman of the Year? The Mother Goldstein crew want to congratulate Ms. Ferrera on such a great honor...

In a related story - Ryan Seacrest is named whitest dude ever.