how ya been, Eh?

Not sure if you knew, but ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

If you rock at all you know Testament recently released, "formation of damnation" and - HOLY SHIT DOES IT ROCK! Their debut album was back in '87 "The Legacy" I was a freshman... now, 42 years old, the new record gives me the same chills down my spine 21 years later.

New bands are rocking my world as well...

Not the "newest" sensation, but ya Gotta love the "Transplants" TALL CANS IN THE AIR!

Three Days Grace's "RIOT" often starts my day. Great driving to work song.

Avenged Sevenfold, I could go on and on about these guys. I listen to them daily.

Five Finger Death Punch, although a little dramatic, I love the voice of this singer. Great guitar work.

other notable favorites: Scary Kids Scaring Kids... , I Wrestled A Bear Once...,and Rev Theory HELL YEAH!

Rock is not dead! and Mother Goldstein isn't either!