happy new year everybody

happy new year - merry xmas - keith's birday - my brother's birthday - baby jesus' birthday!!!!!
First of all... how many f'n college bowl games do we need?? don't know about you but i think currently, there are about 8 too many... I gotta say, i'm a sucker for a cheerleader... well, girl cheerleader - I feel so old, gals didn't get the breast augmentation back when I was in college... sorry, certainly I digress.

Had a great holiday, and got some great presents, first up, my brand new Shubb GS dobro steel:
[picture removed due to complaints]
note: the face I'm making has less to do with my excitement and more with the metal object sticking out of the right side of my head. Another great present I received was the book, "Dance with the Devil" by Stanley Booth. Thanks TA, I've never met you face to face, thank you for the awesome book.

Guitar of the Week:

Killer Gibson signature V - The Jimi Hendrix model... remember? the Band of Gypsys? My personal favorite Jimi Era. This V is clean, and with the 60's model tremelo bridge, humbuckers pickups, and funky 60's finish... Very affordable and Hey it sounds great when plugged into this...


Ok, Song of the... just click play I grabbed some stuff I've been listening to over the holidays..

First we have,
The Sixths, with "Kissing Things"

and the next two are my old buddy,
Brooks West with, "Sharpie" and "the Art Song"

it's good to be back...