Autism "expert" Michael Savage

I have never claimed to be an expert on Autism, but I am an expert on being my kids' father.
Michael Savage is certainly not an expert on Autism, but he seems to think he is...

Join me in writing his sponsors.


how ya been, Eh?

Not sure if you knew, but ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

If you rock at all you know Testament recently released, "formation of damnation" and - HOLY SHIT DOES IT ROCK! Their debut album was back in '87 "The Legacy" I was a freshman... now, 42 years old, the new record gives me the same chills down my spine 21 years later.

New bands are rocking my world as well...

Not the "newest" sensation, but ya Gotta love the "Transplants" TALL CANS IN THE AIR!

Three Days Grace's "RIOT" often starts my day. Great driving to work song.

Avenged Sevenfold, I could go on and on about these guys. I listen to them daily.

Five Finger Death Punch, although a little dramatic, I love the voice of this singer. Great guitar work.

other notable favorites: Scary Kids Scaring Kids... , I Wrestled A Bear Once...,and Rev Theory HELL YEAH!

Rock is not dead! and Mother Goldstein isn't either!


Happy Autism Awareness Month

An message to all 11 of you MotherGoldstein readers...

My postings kind of dried up since the last big Autism walk, and thanks by the way to everyone who donated. Overall the walk raised over $120,000 for the Autism Society of MN.
I will back to posting soon.
My family recently got the news that my youngest daughter is now also on the Autism spectrum. She has been going through many test (all of which are NOT covered by my BULSHIT insurance). Keep my family in your thoughts and I will be back posting soon.


Team Max

Hello all,

Team Max Lewis is gearing up for a fund raising walk on Sunday Feb. 24, 2008 to support the Autism Society of Minnesota in their efforts to enhance the lives of children and families who are living the adventure called autism. We would love to see all of you out there with your walking shoes on, but we realize that is not a possibility.

If you would like to sponsor our team it would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds go to the Autism Society of Minnesota which not only helps families throughout the state, but also benefits Max and his progress.

The link for online donations is -Team Max Lewis


happy new year everybody

happy new year - merry xmas - keith's birday - my brother's birthday - baby jesus' birthday!!!!!
First of all... how many f'n college bowl games do we need?? don't know about you but i think currently, there are about 8 too many... I gotta say, i'm a sucker for a cheerleader... well, girl cheerleader - I feel so old, gals didn't get the breast augmentation back when I was in college... sorry, certainly I digress.

Had a great holiday, and got some great presents, first up, my brand new Shubb GS dobro steel:
[picture removed due to complaints]
note: the face I'm making has less to do with my excitement and more with the metal object sticking out of the right side of my head. Another great present I received was the book, "Dance with the Devil" by Stanley Booth. Thanks TA, I've never met you face to face, thank you for the awesome book.

Guitar of the Week:

Killer Gibson signature V - The Jimi Hendrix model... remember? the Band of Gypsys? My personal favorite Jimi Era. This V is clean, and with the 60's model tremelo bridge, humbuckers pickups, and funky 60's finish... Very affordable and Hey it sounds great when plugged into this...


Ok, Song of the... just click play I grabbed some stuff I've been listening to over the holidays..

First we have,
The Sixths, with "Kissing Things"

and the next two are my old buddy,
Brooks West with, "Sharpie" and "the Art Song"

it's good to be back...